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I'm Sexier Than Joni Moss, and Frankly, Who Isn't?

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General news and information [Jun. 26th, 2007|08:43 pm]
I'm Sexier Than Joni Moss, and Frankly, Who Isn't?


- Daniel moved out! Sarah and Jones, you fellas can begin to move stuff in whenever you like.

- Sarah, the stuff you left in millidgeville is now waiting for you in your new Athens home.

- As far as apartment stuff we all will use, there already exists (though not necessarily yet in athens) some furniture (couches, kitchen table chairs (no table, apparently)) a highly limited number of pots and pans, drinking glasses, and not much else. The apartment comes with a microwave and fridge and we already have a washer and dryer.

- I think we should work on finding out what we can do about obtaining the following type items (whether we decide to purchase them jointly or manage to scavenge for them somehow): A large living room TV, kitchen table, coffee maker, toaster/toaster oven, cookie sheets/baking pans, vacuum cleaner, decorative items... and anything else.

- I'm (sort of) enjoying field school. I got the keys to a government vehicle.

- I want to buy a guitar and a tobacco pipe.

- I love Jenny Pickett and I'm going to marry her.

[User Picture]From: snowpenguin545
2007-06-29 05:29 am (UTC)
Ooh this is so exciting!! I seriously can't wait. Also, my stuff waiting for me in Athens makes the lazy person inside me very very happy.

I vote we hit up the gigantic Goodwill in Macon sometime and see what we can find there. I think we need a whole bunch of random and/or tacky things for the living room.
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